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The book you made is absolutely beautiful. I read portions of it to my folks when they visited. We were sitting around the dining room table and it was close and warm and just as it was meant to be. They rolled with laughter at the funny sections. I called Grandma Julia to fill her in on the amount of pleasure the book has brought to the family, and she was sailing high. The biggest warmest thanks for putting this together.”


Liat Shimron, United Kingdom

Sample Book Project  



We will work with you to preserve an important portion of your family, community, or institutional history.  We will plan your project, conduct research, and prepare custom questions.  Using state-of-the art equipment, we will record four one-hour interviews and then transcribe, edit, copy read and proofread the manuscript.  We will scan, crop, and repair your photos and design the layouts for your photo pages.


Your finished handbound, cloth-covered hardback book will have approximately 100- pages of text, a table of contents and 20-pages of color photographs.


You will receive two copies of your book, plus electronic files of the audio interviews. The fee, which covers all editorial work, printing, and binding costs for a hardbound book of this type and size, is $6,000. 


Many other options are available, including longer or shorter oral histories, softbound books, additional copies, photograph-based books, ghostwriting, memoir writing, "as-told-to" books and oral biography, the life story of a person told by those who knew him/her best.


Books are our original specialty, but narrated slideshows, videos, or audio-only projects (less expensive) are now options. 


Based in San Francisco, we travel or use Zoom and other technologies to work with clients anywhere in the world.

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